Verizon Purchases Up to 640 MW of Renewable Energy from Leeward

Leeward Renewable Energy has entered into a 15-year renewable energy purchase agreement (REPA) with Verizon Communications. Verizon will purchase the energy generated from four of Leeward’s wind and solar projects under development: Blackford County Wind, Horizon Solar, White Wing Ranch Solar projects, and an 80 MW wind project in development with details to come.

These projects will collectively have the potential to produce up to 640MW of reliable, clean electricity. This will help Verizon meet its goal to become net zero in operational emissions (scopes 1 and 2) by 2035. Each project will provide jobs and economic benefits for its surrounding community, and construction of all projects should be completed by June 30, 2024.

“Since 2019, Verizon has issued three $1 billion green bonds to support our climate strategy, including our expansive renewable energy initiatives,” says James Gowen, Verizon’s chief sustainability officer and senior vice president, global supply chain. “Through investments in clean energy solutions – like these agreements with Leeward Renewable Energy – Verizon is doing its part to green the U.S. energy grid.”

The projects will utilize wind turbines and thin-film panels from America’s renewable technology manufacturers. Leeward’s contracted solar panel supply with First Solar will enable reliable project delivery for Verizon.

“We are excited to expand our established relationship with Verizon, which speaks to Leeward’s strengths as a partner in helping our nation’s leading companies meet their sustainability goals,” states Andrew Flanagan, chief development officer at Leeward. “We are pleased to be recognized as a company that safely and successfully delivers reliable wind, solar and energy storage solutions to innovative companies across the country. We look forward to continue building on this momentum to achieve our vision of harnessing renewable energy to power the world.”

The Blackford Wind project, located in Blackford County, Indiana will have a generation capability of 200 MW. Construction is expected to begin in February 2023, and will be completed by December 31 2023.

The Horizon Solar project, located in Texas’ Frio County, will have a generation capacity of 200 MW. Construction is expected to begin in September 2022, and will be completed by December 31 2023.

The White Wing Ranch Solar project is located in Yuma County, Arizona. It will have a capacity of 160 MW. Construction of the facility is expected begin in May 2023 and to be completed by June 30, 20,24.

The last project, an 80 MW wind resource, is currently under development.

Verizon and Leeward have an established relationship through previously signed REPAs on the 196MW Big Plain and 100MW Oak Trail solar projects.