MidAmerican Energy Proposes $3.9 Billion Solar and Wind Portfolio in Iowa

MidAmerican Energy is planning a $3.9 billion renewable energy project in Iowa, including wind and solar generation, and the exploration of new technologies to advance the company’s transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

In a filing with the Iowa Utilities Board, MidAmerican’s proposed project, called Wind PRIME, would add 2,042 MW of wind generation and 50 MW of solar generation. It will be MidAmerican’s 13th renewable energy generation development.

The company also suggested feasibility studies that would focus on other clean-generation technologies such as carbon capture, energy storage, and small modular nuclear reactors.

“Iowa is a renewable energy leader, thanks in large part to MidAmerican Energy’s proven track record of clean energy commitments and investments that are a true competitive advantage for our state,” Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds agrees. “MidAmerican’s Wind PRIME is a commitment and investment on a whole new level, cementing Iowa’s clean energy leadership for many years to come. Beyond that, though, the company’s commitment to study and pursue emerging clean energy technologies will help Iowa meet the growing demand for a sustainable economy that manages our carbon footprint.”

MidAmerican estimates that it will deliver 88% of its renewable energy annually to Iowa customers by 2021. When combined with MidAmerican’s other projects, the 2,092 MW Wind PRIME project would allow MidAmerican to provide renewable energy equal to its Iowa customers’ annual usage. Construction will be completed by the company in late 2024 if it is approved.

“As MidAmerican continues to progress toward delivering 100 percent renewable energy to our customers, we are also preparing to meet an important milestone of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions,” states Kelcey Brown, president and CEO of MidAmerican. “The Wind PRIME project will position us and our customers for a sustainable future, while ensuring we continue to deliver affordable and reliable energy.”

Image by Chelsea on Unsplash