Novis Renewables Begins Commercial Operations on Three New York Solar Farms

Novis Renewables Holdings LLC, which has 22.5 MW of solar capacity, reached commercial operations date (COD) with its North Eagle Village (Manlius), Green Lakes and Judd Rd plant (Whitestown) plants. The U.S.-based partnership between Falck Renewables North America Inc. (a fully owned subsidiary) and Eni New Energy US Inc. for the development and storage of solar, onshore wind, and storage is the company.

Each 7.5 MW solar plant is expected to produce approximately 9 GWh of clean energy annually. All projects have been designed with strong community engagement in mind. The first 25 years of operation will see revenues from the three projects generated and contracted through the Value of Distributed Energy Resources program. This allows residential and commercial subscribers to use the bill credits generated by this project. These bill credits are allocated towards subscribers’ electricity bill, typically lowering monthly electricity costs by around 10%.

In addition to the VDER revenue, North Eagle Village Green Lakes and Judd Rd, will also receive cash incentives through two New York State Energy Research and Development Authority programs, NY Sun and Community Credit. All projects will be able to earn revenue through the merchant sale of energy, capacity, and renewable energy certificates (RECs) after the 25-year VDER Program ends.