Infiniti Energy, Kaplan Companies Develop Five New Jersey Solar Projects

Infiniti Energy is a full-service developer and producer of solar power. Five solar projects are being developed and constructed at Kaplan Companies’ sites. The five projects, which total more than 2MW, will be completed using three ownership models: direct ownership, community solar, and solar power purchase agreements.

Camelot Apartments Bayonne Apartments in Bayonne (N.J.) was the first of five projects to be completed by June 2021. Camelot Apartments Townekake in Sayreville (N.J.) was completed in Dec 2021. The three remaining projects will be completed and ready for use by June 2022.

“Working with Kaplan on these solar projects has been good for Infiniti Energy to show the three ownership models we work with all provide strong value to real estate firms,” says Michael Kushner, Infiniti Energy’s CEO. “Kaplan has chosen to get ahead of a market in which owners and renters are demanding more sustainable living spaces. These solar ownership models can not only be more sustainable but they also make economic sense. Energy rates can be locked in and additional revenue can be generated from previously unused roof space.”

Camelot Bayonne (156 kW), Camelot Townelake (201 kW), Gateway to Carteret (180kW), Merriewold Highland Park (308kW), and Kaplan Community Solar (1.189 kW).

“Our number one core value at Kaplan is ‘do the right thing’. Solar is the right thing to do,” states Jason Kaplan, president of Kaplan Companies. “It not only provides clean energy to our communities, but it makes financial sense. Partnering with Infiniti Energy has given me the assurance that everything has been done correctly. It makes so much sense, we even added solar to our residences.”

New Energy Equity LLC is a financial partner to Infiniti Energy’s portfolio. Kaplan Community Solar is jointly developed by Nexamp.