New York Approves Largest Solar Farm in State with 500 MW Hecate Application

Hecate Energy, developer, owner, and operator of renewable power plants and energy storage solutions, received state approval for its siting request for the 500 MW Cider Solar Farm, New York.

Cider Solar Farm, the largest state-permitted solar energy generator, was made possible by the New York State Office of Renewable Energy Siting’s (ORES) ruling. This is also the first ORES permit for a project that was originally filed with the new office. All previous ORES-permitted projects had filed their permits under the older Article 10 siting process.

“This permit marks a major milestone, not only for Hecate Energy, but in making meaningful progress toward New York State’s ambitious climate goals,” says Harrison Luna, Hecate Energy’s project developer for the Cider Solar Farm. “We are appreciative of the support and coordination for the Cider Solar Project that we received from civic leadership of the Oakfield and Elba town governments. Hecate Energy experienced a positive collaborative interaction with ORES during the permitting process, which was key in advancing this project.”

Cider Solar Farm will soon be built on more than 3,000 acres between Elba, Oakfield and Oakfield. Hecate Energy expects to begin construction on the solar farm in 2023. When the project is complete, it will be connected to New York State’s electricity grid via the Dysinger New Rochester 345kV Transmission line. The solar farm will produce 920,000 MWh of electricity each year.

“Cider Solar Farm represents a significant $500 million private infrastructure investment in Western New York – not only will this project create hundreds of local jobs, but it will also directly fund local governments, schools, and community services like the fire department and ambulance squad,” states Luna.