New 54-Cell Canadian Solar Module Commences Mass Production for Rooftop Installations

Canadian Solar Inc. has begun mass production of new 54-cell format modules with 182 mm cells for residential, commercial, and industrial rooftop solar systems. This month, the shipment of these new format modules began.

The new module type HiKu6 CS6R/MS has a power output up to 420W and a module efficiency up to 21.5%. The CS6R-MS module is especially suitable for rooftop solar applications given its small module size (1.95 m² ˣ 30 mm), light weight (21.3 kg) and aesthetic design for homogenous appearance.

Canadian Solar offers a variety of mono-facial and bi-facial solar panels in power outputs ranging from 400670W to global customers. These include modules in 210mm 66-cell, 60-cell, and 182mm 72-cell, as well as modules in 54-cell and 54-cell sizes. The CS6R MS offers 510W more power and around 0.5% better module efficiency than comparable PERC models on the market. The CS6R MS module can produce up to 420 W of power and its module efficiency is 21.5%. There are three options: a silver frame, a black frame, and all black modules. The CS6R–MS module has been awarded Level 1 certification in accordance with the IEC 63126 standard. This means that it will produce electricity safely and reliably even under harsh rooftop conditions. CS6R–MS has a 25-year extended product warranty on materials, workmanship and installation for residential rooftop applications.

Canadian Solar is also working on CS6R with HJT cell technology. It expects to begin commercial deliveries in April. The CS6R module is efficient at up to 22.5%, and can produce a maximum power output of 440 W.

“I am excited to announce that we have started mass production and delivered the first batch of the 54-cell modules of up to 420 W based on 182 mm PERC cells,” says Dr. Shawn Qu, chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar. “Moreover, the module with N-type HJT cells will be delivered in April. Our new products will further improve the energy yield and reduce the LCOE of residential, commercial and industrial rooftop solar systems, and meanwhile enable to offset more CO2 emissions.”