World’s first offshore wind workers certified with virtual reality

Union Workers are now certified to work in offshore wind through Vinci’s VR training technologies. (Courtesy: Vinci)

Twelve offshore wind workers were the first to be certified through virtual reality training.

VinciVR and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy formed a partnership to train union workers from Massachusetts. The curriculum for the Global Wind Organization’s VR courses is featured in the VR courses.

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Screengrab from Vinci’s Windturbine Blade Crane Lift Simulation.

Vinci developed VR simulations of ports and wind turbines to replace hands-on training elements for critical GWO courses, specifically Basic Technical Training and Slinger Signaller. The software allows users to commission wind turbines and direct crane lifts for heavy loads such as turbine blades.

The simulations made courses easily deployable to New Bedford’s job sites, while also cutting costs and enabling realistic training.

These VR tools were certified for use by GWO earlier in the year.

“Massachusetts has been the first to develop commercial-scale offshore wind. It is fitting that the first workers to receive this groundbreaking VR training are certified here,” stated Eagle Wu, CEO at Vinci.

The VR simulations were created with funding from MassCEC.