U.S. Army launches renewable energy projects at military bases

Fort Bliss is one of the U.S. military bases included in the request for information on potential geothermal power usage by the Dept. Defense (Courtesy of David Poe/Fort Bliss Public Affairs).

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Ameresco has contracted LS Energy Solutions in order to supply a 6 MW/6 MWh Lithium-ion battery storage unit to be paired up with an 18 MW PV system at Fort Detrick Army Garrison in Maryland.

The system is expected to be online in early 2023. According to LS Energy, the system will have a 20-year operational life.

The paired storage system will participate in frequency regulation and demand response markets.

In a separate announcement, HSGS/Ameresco was awarded a $7.9 Million contract by the U.S. Army to design and construct a 1.5 MW solar PV system on the Tooele Army Depot in Tooele.

Ameresco’s joint venture with Hannah Solar Government Services (HSGS) is a part of the SBA Mentor Protégé Program, which helps eligible small businesses gain exposure and win government contracts through partnerships with more experienced companies.

The Tooele Army Depot project is the first contract awarded to the joint venture.

Construction will begin in summer 2022, and be completed by fall 2023.

Last December, President Joe Biden issued a presidential order directing federal agencies that they achieve 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030. Half of that amount would need to be supplied locally.

The executive order also required net-zero emissions from federal operations by 2050. The federal General Services Administration and DOD later issued a request for information regarding 24/7 carbon-free electricity procurement.