TurningPoint Targets Illinois Market for Community Solar Development

TurningPoint Energy is a renewable energy company that focuses on community solar development. The company’s Midwest team is engaging with landowners interested in leasing or selling their property for solar development, residential and commercial customers interested in participating in solar projects, and pro-solar communities seeking to bring clean energy to its residents.

TurningPoint Energy will develop more than 40 projects across Illinois in the next few years. The total value of these projects is more than half a million dollars. This company will provide bill credits to support more than 45,000 homes each month. As a community developer company, this means creating meaningful construction and ongoing operational job opportunities, as well as collaboration and investment in local Illinois businesses for legal, permitting engineering and other related activities to support these development.

TurningPoint Energy also makes an investment commitment to charitable communities for every community it develops solar projects. This commitment is fulfilled when community solar projects are started and completed construction. The Illinois charity investment aggregate is expected to exceed half a billion dollars. This money will be spread amongst the communities that it develops and invests in.

Illinois significantly increased its community solar program after Governor JB Pritzker signed the S.B. Act in September 2021. 2408, The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act. The comprehensive renewable bill established a path to 100% state-owned clean energy by 2050. This includes expanding community solar to benefit local homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and other organizations.

“Our entrance and commitment to the Illinois community solar market is in direct response of the clear market signal provided by the State of Illinois’s political leadership that it is committed to climate and equitable jobs for its energy industry forward,” says Jared Schoch, president of TurningPoint Energy.

“Our team has been delivering community solar to communities throughout the country, and we’re excited to expand our services to communities in Illinois,” continues Schoch. “These projects not only help bring clean, renewable energy to people who do not have access to solar power, such as those who may not have a suitable roof for panels, renters, or low-to-moderate income earners, but also help bring jobs, tax revenue and economic growth to the state.”