This is your SolarWakeup for May 2nd, 2022

California Priorities. Don’t get this post misunderstood about how I think about nuclear power but when it comes to energy policy that is supposed to think in decades and not years, how could it be possible to want to change how solar and storage participate in the grid operations. To make the grid as intelligent and resilient as possible, it must be free of all barriers, including optionality and consumer prices.

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  • CNN: Manchin organizes meetings on clean energy, climate change. Few know what Manchin wants from a deal.
  • Reuters: California will keep its nuclear plant in operation to keep the lights on
  • Canary Media: Video – Sen. Martin Heinrich on clean energy in a time of global conflict
  • Utility Dive: MISO prepares for ‘worst-case scenarios,’ heads into summer with insufficient firm generation
  • Axios: How Russia’s war spills into African energy
  • New York Times: Solar Industry ‘Frozen’ as Biden Administration Investigates China
  • PV-Tech.Investor KKR launches Aster, a renewables platform aimed at Southeast-Asia
  • Energy Storage News: FreeWire raises US$125,000,000 for its BESS-integrated electric vehicle charging solution


  • RMI: 15 Years ago was the best year to plan transmission. The Second-Best Times Are Now.

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