Solar House Number Lights Buying Guide

Door number lights are a great way to make your house stand out and increase security. There are many different types available, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. This buying guide will help you choose the best solar house number lights for your needs. We’ll discuss how they work, their benefits and factors to consider, so that you can find the perfect one for your home.

What are solar house door number lights?

Solar lights are excellent alternatives to conventional wall-mounted LEDs to highlight your door number.

These lights have a solar panel that faces the sky. The designers decide set positions of the LEDs for illumination.

At night, these lights activate, and visitors can read your door number or letter comfortably. They are entirely dependent on solar energy hence require no electrical connections.

How do solar door number lights work?

The solar panel located at the top of these lights absorbs the sun’s energy. An inbuilt battery stores this energy for later use.

Solar door number lights have a sensor that detects the absence of sunlight. Consequently, this sensor activates the LEDs powered by the accumulated solar energy from the battery.

Under ample sunlight, you can expect these lights to stay ON for at least eight hours. Notably, there are no harmful chemicals or pollutants emissions during this process.

What are the advantages of solar door number lights?

Apart from the generic benefit of environment-friendly working, you can find solar door number lights highly convenient. Here are the major reasons.

  • These lights do not require maintenance
  • They can withstand water, heat, snow, and dust
  • You do not need to install wiring
  • Solar door number lights are easy to install on a flat surface
  • Most manufacturers offer number and letter plates with these lights
  • High-quality models provide sufficient illumination
  • You can replace the inbuilt battery in most designs
  • These lights are generally lightweight

Overall, convenience, utility, and cost savings are the main benefits of solar door number lights.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Solar Door Number Lights

As a savvy shopper, you should quickly assess whether a solar number light is worthy of your attention.

To simplify this process, you need to consider these points in any solar door number light. Make sure your favourite model covers most of these factors.

LED Brightness

Solar house number lights are outdoor items. Users usually mount them on top of the door number near the front porch or wall.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to read the lumen intensity of LEDs before purchasing. If you cannot find this information, read the customer reviews.

Most honest reviews give you a perfect idea of the brightness. In addition, pay attention to the LED temperature. 6000°K is a decent LED temperature for such units.

IP Rating

Whenever you buy outdoor products, be sure to pick one with an IP rating. Such products have a robust build quality.

Hence, an IP-rated solar door number light can resist water from different directions. This feature leads to good service life and sustainability during rains.

An IP 44 rating is sufficient in solar door number lights. However, you can buy products with a different IP number.

Ease of Installation

A solar door number light should have a couple of screws or adhesive arrangements for installation.

Anything complicated than the above can lead to unnecessary issues. So, always analyse the installation instructions.

Only buy a solar door number light if it feels easy to mount on the wall. Also, check for the mounting slot’s activation switch position and diameter.

Steel Body Material

Almost all the mentioned products in the reviews have a stainless-steel body. Most of them have a combination of ABS or other materials.

Buying a steel door number light proves cost-effective in the long run. In addition to the apparent durability, you can clean the body easily.

Hence, stainless-steel or alloy steel offers a mechanical advantage to consumers. Also, they look shiny after periodic cleaning or polishing.


This is a subjective factor while buying solar door number lights. As different homes have distinct architectural setups, it becomes vital to check the light dimensions.

You will most probably install these lights in the front area. Hence, their dimensions should match your door number setup.

Aim for a unit with decent length and reduced thickness. This way, you can accommodate a bigger number and letter plate.

Visibility is the key in these items. So, check the length, width, and height before finalising a solar door number light.

Position of Solar Panel

Choose a house number light with a solar panel at an angular position. The sunlight should fall on the majority of the panel area.

This leads to better charging of the battery and longer working hours. Also, assemble the light in an area with ample sunlight.

Most models have a contained solar panel. Hence, you do not need to think much about the angle and other technical details. Refer to the reviews and choose any other model accordingly.

Battery Capacity

A rechargeable and replaceable battery is an important component in solar door number lights. This item provides energy to the LEDs.

Generally, a capacity of 600 mAh can work for some users. However, it is better to install a bigger battery if you want these lights to stay ON for a longer duration.

It is essential to realise that you need to pay more for a high-capacity battery light. Hence, it is logical to test the existing battery and replace it as required.

Wrapping Up

Solar house number lights add a beneficial effect to your property. People can spot your door number from a distance, saving much hassle.

You can always select the shortlisted products in the reviews. These door number light models have features that can suit the requirements of different users.

Notably, you end up saving the hassle of wiring and paying utility bills. Solar energy is a free and abundant source that can power such valuable products.

Be sure to follow the buying guide tips and purchase an appropriate solar door number light as per your preference.