Solar developer BlueWave acquired by Axium Infrastructure

Axium will be supporting BlueWave in its community solar development and the practice agrivoltaics/floatovoltaics. (Courtesy: BlueWave)

BlueWave is a Boston-based developer of solar and energy storage. Axium Infrastructure has acquired it. The purchase price was not disclosed.

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BlueWave’s name and employees will be protected under the agreement. BlueWave will continue to focus on its solar energy development and storage portfolio.

Axium said it plans to support BlueWave’s community solar development and the practice of agrivoltaics and floatovoltaics.

This is Axium’s first renewable development company acquisition.

BlueWave announced that it would change from being a storage and solar developer to a model that involves building, owning and managing projects. The company will be focusing on staffing to support the transition.

BlueWave is the developer and builder of more than 150 MW worth of solar projects.