Solar Alliance Installs 1 MW Solar Project for Knoxville Utilities Board in Tennessee

Solar Alliance Energy Inc. has entered into a contract to design and install a 1MW solar project in Knoxville. KUB is an independent agency of Knoxville. KUB provides electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater services to more 473,000 customers.

Solar Alliance will design, engineer, and install the 1MW project. Construction is expected to begin in April 2022. It is expected to be completed in August 2022. The project builds on Solar Alliance’s expanding utility customer project base, following solar initiatives with utilities LG&E/KU, EPB and AEC. It also builds on the company’s support program for utilities which includes grant work, financial modeling, energy modeling and electric vehicle charger deployment.

“This large community solar project for KUB builds on our growing utility customer base and we are proud to support KUB in delivering the benefits of solar to Knoxville,” says Solar Alliance CEO Myke Clark. “Solar Alliance is a Knoxville-based leader in the commercial and utility solar sector and this project illustrates our commitment to our local community while building strong relationships with utilities. As we continue to grow our large project backlog, it also shows our company’s growth. The potential for solar growth in Knoxville, Tennessee and the U.S. Southeast is massive, and we have become a market leader in this rapidly growing industry.”

KUB previously announced that 20% of Knoxville’s electricity will be generated from solar energy, through participation in TVA’s Green Invest program. KUB will be able to secure enough solar energy for approximately 83,000 homes.

“We are so excited to bring Knoxville its first Community Solar site and are looking forward to partnering with Solar Alliance and the City of Knoxville to make it happen,” comments Gabriel Bolas, KUB’s president and CEO. “This is another way we support solar energy generation, and it also makes the benefits of solar power more accessible to our community members.” Solar Alliance and KUB also entered into an operations and maintenance agreement for the project for one year. The terms can be extended by the parties if they agree to do so.