Shell, Inaccess Utilize Unity Platform for Hybrid Solar+Wind Project

Shell has developed a hybrid power asset consisting of a 50-MW photovoltaic plant and a wind farm.

Shell partnered Inaccess, an Inaccess company that provides monitoring and control solutions for renewable energy projects, in order to monitor and control this complex project. Shell and Inaccess have continued to collaborate on a pipeline of projects in various countries, building on their cooperation in utility-scale projects in Australia and in the EMEA region.

The Unity system from Inaccess optimizes operation of modern renewable power stations and portfolios including photovoltaics (PV), wind and microgrids. It provides low-level distributed control architecture and grid interaction as well as accurate data acquisition, scalability and evaluation for underperformance. It also minimizes imbalances and maximizes energy capture prices.

Co-locating wind farm assets with solar assets will provide more grid-friendly power. This pairing could transform global renewable energy markets that face similar challenges in downtime for solar and/or wind assets with cold, winter months and hot summers, respectively.