San Jose Signs PPA with Renewable America Solar Project

Renewable America’s first phase of its West Tambo Clean Power solar project was selected by the City of San José to provide clean electricity for San José Clean Energy’s (SJCE) Solar Access program. The 2.5 MW DC facility in Merced County is expected to provide carbon-free electricity for 15 years under a power purchase agreement (PPA). The project is expected online in April 2023.

“Thanks to San José Clean Energy, local solar power projects such as those under development by Renewable America will directly benefit residents in disadvantaged communities,” says Renewable America CEO, Ardi Arian. “Through the Solar Access program and Renewable America’s collaboration with SJCE, residents can opt into renewable energy even if they cannot put solar panels on a rooftop.”

SJCE launched the Solar Access program in fall 2021 to connect these customers to off-site solar energy. This program offers a 20% discount on electric generators and delivery fees. Eligible SJCE clients are those who meet certain income qualifications and reside in a designated disadvantaged community. These areas are most affected by socioeconomic and environmental burdens, such as poverty, air polluting or other environmental factors that contribute to asthma.

“SJCE is thrilled that local companies like Renewable America are developing solar energy resources for residents who need it most,” states Lori Mitchell, director of San José’s Community Energy Department, which operates SJCE. “Our transition to a clean energy future can only be considered successful if it includes customers from all socioeconomic backgrounds.”

The Renewable America team leads project development, financing, construction, and ongoing operation of the solar power facility. This development process is focused on minimizing environmental damage and producing low-cost, renewable energy. The project will include the integration pollinator-friendly vegetation in order to benefit the ecosystem. Furthermore, the project investment is aimed at improving public health, quality of life, and economic opportunity for local residents – including those from disadvantaged communities. The energy produced will also offset the need to generate carbon-based electricity, which will help reduce the amount of climate change-related pollution.

The West Tambo Clean Power project that will serve SJCE is a part of Renewable America’s pipeline of 255 MW of solar energy capacity and 590 MWh of energy storage. To provide affordable, local renewable energy, the company collaborates closely with numerous Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs), such as Marin Clean Energy, Redwood Coast Energy Authority, and others throughout California.

“We are thrilled to partner with CCAs across California to make clean energy affordable and accessible for their members,” adds Arian. “We applaud the City of San José for their leadership in this sustainable initiative.”