S-5!’s New Clamp Secures Electrical Conduit to Metal Roofs

S-5!, the inventor of engineered, manufactured metal roof attachments, has introduced its new electrical conduit clamp to metal roofs. The CanDuit clamp is used in combination with any S-5 to secure and support wire management conduit. It also fastens home runs to metal roofing for solar PV systems. bracket or clamp.

The CanDuit clamp is made from electro-zinc coated steel. It has two halves that fit around the conduit or pipe. There is an EPDM liner pad to protect against abrasion, and a threaded M8 screw that allows for attachment to S-5. Products – providing easy, organized securement without scratching, corrosion or other damage to the roof.

The CanDuit can also be used in commercial and residential settings for a variety of purposes, including electrical, solar, gas or water plumbing, and condensate draining.

CanDuit is available in 14 sizes with outer pipe diameters ranging from 0.79″ to 4.6”. You can adjust the size of each clamp to secure most conduit or other piping. CanDuit’s M8 threaded shaft mounts directly to S-5!’s non-penetrating clamps for standing seam roofs and factory weatherproofed brackets for exposed-fastened roofs and the S-5! GripperFix utility-mounting system.

“Our customers repeatedly ask, do you have anything to mount electrical conduit, pipes and other round-shaped objects to metal roofs,” says Rob Haddock, S-5!’s CEO and founder. “So, in an effort to respond to the industry’s needs and as we continue to innovate new and better solutions in a constant product improvement and invention/reinvention mode to bring competitive advantages to our customers, we’ve created the CanDuit clamp. So now, S-5! Can-do-it!”