Q CELLS, Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure Partner to Develop, Finance Solar Projects

Q CELLS North America has partnered up with Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure LLC (KSI), a finance and development firm that invests in distributed-scale impact-producing assets such as solar and energy storage. Both companies will collaborate on and finance multiple projects.

“We are thrilled to begin working with KSI and see this partnership as an impactful step forward in demonstrating our capabilities as a complete energy solutions provider,” says Dan Loflin, senior vice president of Q CELLS North America’s Distributed Energy Solutions business. “We look forward to engaging in project development initiatives with KSI through providing our hardware, software and financing solutions designed to maximize returns while de-risking energy storage revenues.”

Q CELLS provides a suite of solutions that includes Energy Management Software, BESS expertise and renewable power hardware. Q CELLS also has capital available for investment in KSI projects across the U.S., including grid services, solar modules, BESS and Geli EMS.

“Teaming up with Q CELLS enhances our competitiveness by adding a rare capability in the marketplace,” states John Chaimanis, co-founder and managing director of Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure. “Q CELLS brings outstanding reliability and well-timed innovation. Working together will allow us to continue delivering on our promise of ‘value-added finance’ in a world of commodity capital. We’re excited to leverage Q CELLS’ complete energy solutions package.”

For select energy storage projects, Q CELLS will also be able to offer its Grid Equity financing product, designed to de-risk energy storage projects in KSI’s project portfolio. Q CELLS’s Grid Equity solution optimizes the value of energy storage systems by participating in ISO wholesale markets and demand response programs.

“KSI and Q CELLS share a dedication to improving the sustainability of our power grids,” adds Ken Lehman, KSI’s co-founder and managing director. “Each project we do together advances the transition to clean, renewable energy resources and will have positive impacts for years to come.”