Pivot Energy plans 41 MW community solar portfolio in Colorado

Photo courtesy: Pivot Energy

Pivot Energy has been selected by Xcel Energy to develop a 41 MW community solar portfolio in Colorado, exclusively serving income-qualified households beneath an established income threshold.

The community solar portfolio will represent one of the largest income-qualified portfolios in the United States, Pivot said.

By offering affordable community solar subscriptions to income-qualified households, Pivot will be able to service groups that have historically been left out of the clean energy transition and that face many of the most adverse climate impacts.

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Emmett Romine, Vice President of Customer Solutions and Innovation for Xcel Energy, said, “We are pleased to be working with Pivot Energy on this community solar portfolio. Subscribing to these community solar gardens will bring energy-bill savings to our income-qualified customers and help them be part of the clean-energy transformation.”

The development of an income-qualified portfolio of this size is possible in Colorado because of the state’s renewable energy regulatory landscape, which is designed to address energy equity issues while fulfilling the public demand for a transition to clean, emissions-free energy production.

Tom Hunt, CEO of Pivot Energy, said, “Pivot Energy is thrilled to deploy this portfolio, which will deliver profound benefits — both environmental and economic — to thousands of income-qualified households. As the renewable energy industry strives to advance both energy equity and the clean energy transition, I hope to see other states and utilities emulate the leadership and constructive collaboration of Xcel Energy and the state of Colorado to facilitate more equitable access to clean energy.”

Pivot partners with community organizations in allocating subscriptions to those most in need and manages them through the SunCentral platform, their proprietary cloud-based software.