Ozop Commits to Purchasing $11 Million in Solar Panels

Ozop Energy Systems Inc. (OES), a subsidiary of Ozop Energy Solutions Inc.’s (OZSC), has issued purchase orders (PO) to acquire approximately $11 million in solar panels. The company has already placed deposits in excess of $1.7million to secure delivery. They will also make additional deposits before delivery.

The product is expected to arrive in August 2022 at approximately $6 million. The remaining $5 million will arrive in November 2022.

“In addition to the above purchase orders, we are working with all of our vendors to secure more product this year and into Q1, 2023,” states Christopher Serna, director of sales for Ozop Energy Systems. “While we are not entirely sure how much in additional product we can obtain in this climate, we have deep rooted relationships with vendors that we have worked with almost a decade. The addition of these large PO’s is allowing us to solidify multi-MW forecasts from customers that we would otherwise not have access to.”

Image: Photo by Jeremy Bezanger at Unsplash