NYSERDA Awards EDF Renewables with Three New York Solar+Storage Contracts

EDF Renewables North America has been awarded long-term contracts to three solar projects by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. This was part of the 2021 solicitation large-scale renewable energy certificates. The solar + storage projects combined will provide 1 GW clean energy for the state.

These projects account for nearly 40% of the 2,408 MW total and are expected to produce clean electricity by 2025. Columbia Solar Energy Center, a 350 MW AC with 20MW of co-located storage, is located on approximately 2,000 acres in Columbia and Litchfield (Herkimer County). Ridge View Solar Energy Center, a 350 MW AC with 20MW of co-located storage, is located on approximately 2,000 acres in Hartland (Niagara County). Rich Road Solar Energy Center is an 240 MW AC with approximately 1,500 acres of co-located storage in Canton County, St. Lawrence County.

“The team has worked diligently to progress the development of our New York solar portfolio since 2017,” says Stephane Desdunes, senior director development of the Northeast region for EDF Renewables. “We are proud of the fact we have been awarded 1,313 MW of the 2020 and 2021 procurements and 1,483 MW in total since 2018. With more than 1,000 MW of solar and storage projects still in the development pipeline, EDF Renewables looks forward to working side by side with NYSERDA and New York State to achieve the 70 percent by 2030 goal and deliver clean energy to the residents of New York.”

“The region will benefit from procurement and employment opportunities throughout the development, construction and operational phases,” continues Desdunes. “Combined the projects will create approximately 1,290 prevailing wage and union construction jobs in upstate New York during peak construction and contribute millions of dollars to the counties, towns and school districts during the operational life of the projects.”

“Advancing large-scale solar projects like these newly awarded projects are helping to build out New York’s already massive renewable energy pipeline and are central to the State’s ability to create a zero-emission electricity grid,” adds Doreen M. Harris, president and CEO of NYSERDA. “NYSERDA will work closely with EDF Renewables to ensure the communities hosting these projects are engaged throughout the development process and the responsible siting of them will not only help protect our valuable agricultural lands, but benefit the state and local economies alike.”

EDF Renewables’ community engagement plans for the Columbia, Rich Road and Ridge View Solar Projects include annual scholarships for students in the project area school districts with interest in the trades or clean energy, and an annual Sharing the Sun Fund for local community organizations during the construction phase whereby local review committees will select the awardees. EDF Renewables will sponsor an online training course and a workshop in partnership with SUNY College Environmental Science and Forestry in order to increase the local labor force. This will be in place starting in 2024.

NYSERDA awarded EDF Renewables 3 projects totaling 303MW AC and10 MW of storage during the 2020 Renewable Energy Standard SOlicitation, and 170MW AC during the 2018 Renewable Energy Standard SOlicitation.