NovaSource Brings Solar DC Availability Guarantee to North American Market

NovaSource Power Services, a portfolio business of Clairvest Group Inc. is adding the next generation of services to its product-lifecycle packages for North America. NovaSource will offer a DC availability guarantee. This guarantee will align operator and owner incentives and fill in a verification gap for PV system maintenance.

“We were diligent in engaging with our customers to understand the service gaps in the market. As a result of those conversations, we crafted multiple service offerings to meet each customer’s unique needs – including the industry’s first DC Availability Guarantee,” says Michael Gantt, head of strategy and solutions for the company.

Based on customer feedback, the new DC Availability Guarantee guarantees 99% DC equipment availability. NovaSource used SunStreams, its DC monitoring system, and Heliolytics’ capabilities to create this new product offering.

The DC Availability Guarantee will be offered as part of NovaSource’s new long-term service agreements (LTSA). The new offerings for the utility power plant segment include four main service levels: Maintain. Protect. Enhance. Assure. The new LTSA options include the Advance, Engage, and Assure offerings. These offerings offer a wide range of engagement levels. The Assure offering is a strong full-wrap guarantee.

“NovaSource recognizes the opportunity for better commercial alignment with our partners during the operational phase of a solar project,” notes Troy Lauterbach, CEO of NovaSource Power Services. “Our new service tiers have been curated in collaboration with our partners and based on our experience operating over 20 GW of solar assets globally. We are confident these new offerings will provide our partners with additional flexibility, with the continued production assurance that owners need to meet their financial and carbon-reduction goals.”

NovaSource currently manages and maintains over 20GW of solar power plants in 10 countries. They also operate battery storage systems. The DC Availability Guarantee, and LTSA offerings, are now available in North America. Similar improvements can be expected in the European, South American, and Australian service agreements structures in 2023.