Mitrex’s Solar Brick Technology Transforms Facades into Renewable Power Plants

Mitrex, a Canadian solar technology manufacturer, is launching Solar Brick – a solar-integrated facade solution designed for use as brick wall cladding that transforms a building into a renewable power plant. Mitrex Solar Brick façades boast a maximum of 330W per panel while maintaining a traditional look like masonry brick.

Mitrex specializes on building-integrated solar products. This includes solar facades and glass, roof panels, and more. Mitrex has a vision to integrate solar technology onto every exterior surface without altering the design or looks. The launch of Mitrex’s Solar Brick showcases a cladding product that meets this mission. Solar Brick is ideal for retrofitting older structures or new construction projects.

“Our mission is to transform how we build our structures – electrically-powered buildings are a logical and sustainable solution to combat climate change,” says Mitrex CEO Danial Hadizadeh. “With our products, everyone can contribute to reducing emissions while constructing buildings with materials that last for generations. There is no compromise for builders, architects, or homeowners.”

Mitrex’s solar facade benefits and features include advanced manufacturing methods to maximize efficiency. They are made in Canada. They also have low embodied carbon, energy generation that is efficient, and contribute to LEED points. This helps builders get net-zero.