Jupiter Power 200 MW/200 MWh battery storage facility now online in Texas

Crossett’s battery storage project in Crane County Texas (Source : Jupiter Power).

Jupiter Power’s 200 MW/200 MWh standalone battery storage facility is now commercially operable.

Crossett Power Management, located in Crane County, Texas, now becomes one of the largest battery storage projects in ERCOT, the grid operator representing 90 percent of the state’s electric load.

Crossett is Jupiter’s second transmission-connected project to begin operations, joining Flower Valley II, a 100MW/200MWh storage facility in Reeves County, Texas.

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Additionally, the Austin, Texas-based company is commissioning a 100MW/200MWh project in West Texas that is expected to reach market in Summer 2022.

Jupiter’s total dispatchable energy storage capacity is now over 450 MWh, and the company has another 500MWh of projects in late stages of development.

Reliability of Texas’ power grid has been an issue since a 2021 February storm, which led to more than 200 deaths amid widespread blackouts.

Jupiter’s fleet of assets in operation or construction includes the largest energy storage project in Texas, among others, and one of the largest development pipelines in the country – sixty projects totaling over 12,000 megawatts (Source: Jupiter Power).

After six power plants suddenly shut down, state regulators asked Texasans to reduce their power consumption in extreme heat. ERCOT predicted that the peak summer demand would be 77.3 GW.

Regulators were confident that the lights would remain on, and that there would be more power to the grid than ever before.

“We have witnessed the strain that the Texas climate can put on the grid during unseasonably warm days. Jupiter Power’s projects like Crossett and Flower Valley II are optimally sited where the grid needs support to enhance resiliency both cost-effectively and reliably,” said Mike Geier, Chief Technology Officer for Jupiter Power.