Ingeteam Begins Production of Power Stations for PV Plants, Energy Storage Systems

Ingeteam began manufacturing its new INGECON Sun FSK power station for photovoltaic plants. It is an ideal solution for large-scale project due to its high power rating of up to 7.65MW at medium voltage.

This new design was produced to make installation and connection work in the field as easy as possible, supplied as a “turnkey” solution with all the elements placed on a single full skid or steel platform and pre-connected at the factory. This solution can be transported by both land and sea as it can be placed directly onto a truck’s trailer, or inside a 40 foot container. It can then be installed anywhere in the world.

The first units for this full-skid-type power station were manufactured in Navarre. They are currently being supplied to several projects in the United States and the Dominican Republic.

This solution can include one or two 1,500VDC inverters (solar/battery), allowing Ingeteam flexibility to adapt to different project sizes and configurations.

This power station contains the inverters and the medium voltage switchgear. This optimizes the space available.