Hybrid solar and wind farm under development in Turkey

Red Lake Falls, Minnesota’s solar and wind farm (Courtesy of GE Renewable Energy).

A hybrid solar-wind farm in Turkey is currently under construction.

Setravul will add a 30 MW solar power plant to the 32 MW wind farm that was commissioned in 2020.

The project can achieve a higher capacity factor due to the combination of solar and wind co-located.

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GE and Inogen, its regional partner, were selected to add the solar farm on top of the existing wind farm.

Prakash Chandra (GE’s CEO, renewable hybrids), stated that hybrid power plants are a way to improve the infrastructure in Turkey.

GE will deliver seven FLEXINVERTER solar power conversion units. This project is the first installation of GE’s 4.7 MW solar solution worldwide. GE already delivered 1.3 GW of its FLEXINVERTER technology in Turkey.

FLEXINVERTER by GE is a containerized integrated solution that combines a medium voltage power transformer, solar inverter and an optional MVring Main Unit. It’s all contained in a standard 20-feet ISO container.

Inogen will conduct site activities and provide the sun-tracking systems to increase the power plants’ total energy production.