Hundreds of Companies Ask Congress to Pass Solar ITC, Energy Storage Credit Bills

The U.S. storage and solar industry, along with its allies, are urging Congress to pass a reconciliation legislation that includes historic clean energy deployment and manufacturing provisions. As hundreds of clean energy advocates call Capitol Hill, over 400 solar and storage companies have written a letter urging Congress to pass the legislation.

These activities are part an industry-wide day for action that highlights the enormous clean energy and economic win Washington lawmakers can deliver voters.

“The message from hundreds of solar and storage companies and advocates today is simple: Congress needs to get this done,” says Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). “This is a once-in-a-generation window for leaders in Washington to deliver on their promise to tackle climate change, create clean energy jobs and ease the tight grip of inflation and the global energy crisis.”

“Ongoing inflation and the global energy crisis demand that lawmakers finally get these policies over the finish line to deliver critical cost-savings for families,” Hopper adds. “America has the means to become more energy and climate secure by putting people to work producing and deploying clean energy here at home, and now leaders must recognize the urgency of the moment by passing this legislation.”

The coalition of clean-energy workers, advocates, trade groups, and workers is urging support for a comprehensive set of policies. This includes a long-term extension to the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and a standalone credit for storage energy. The ITC is a job-creator and can help to increase storage and solar deployment. It is also a crucial policy tool to stimulate growth at the rate required to combat climate change.

Incentives for domestic clean energy manufacturing, namely Senator Ossoff’s Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act (SEMA), are a crucial element of the reconciliation package, SEIA emphasizes. With near-term trade certainty in place thanks to President Biden’s solar tariff pause, Congress has an opportunity to enact effective industrial policy for clean energy manufacturing, the organization adds.

“The time for rhetoric is over, and the only thing left is to cut a deal,” concludes Hopper. “The solar and storage industry is motivated, mobilized and ready to make our clean energy future a reality if Congress acts. It’s time.”