Hecate Completes Application Process for Cider Solar Farm in New York

Hecate Energy’s application for its proposed 500 MW Cider Solar Farm in the towns of Elba and Oakfield, N.Y. has been deemed complete by the New York State Office of Renewable Energy Siting (ORES). Cider Solar Farm, if approved by ORES would be the most large solar project allowed and constructed in the State of New York.

ORES was established by Section 94-c under Executive Law. It is the new state office that is responsible for implementing timely consolidated reviews and permitting major renewable energy facilities in New York State. ORES is the first to accept the Cider Solar Farm application.

“This is the first 94-c application to be deemed complete by ORES, which is a significant milestone for renewable energy in New York,” says Harrison Luna, Cider Solar Farm’s project developer. “The establishment of ORES and the 94-c permit process underpins the state’s commitment to support sustainable power, and we’re fortunate to be in position to use it to bring clean, homegrown electricity to Genesee County. We are encouraged both by the transparency brought to the permitting process by ORES and the comprehensiveness of that process, and we believe this project will be an excellent addition to the next generation of sustainable power supply in New York State.”

The Cider Solar Farm permit application was complex and thorough. It included six bound volumes and more than 96,000 pages of detailed analysis of data from studies assessing the proposed project’s effect on the host communities. Surveys were conducted to examine a variety of environmental, cultural, and social considerations. These included wildlife habitat, noise and vibrations, security, site security, and other potential concerns.

If ORES approves, Cider Solar Farm will be built on almost 3,000 acres in Elba and Oakfield, Genesee County.

“For years people have talked about bringing economic development to upstate New York. This milestone is a very positive sign to other developers who are considering bringing their investment, jobs and sustainable energy projects to this region,” adds Luna. “The New York State Legislature, Governor Hochul and ORES are to be commended for following through and making this happen. Together with the renewable energy industry, we are finally bringing long-term, sustainable economic development to the upstate region.”