Where To Invest Your Money - Roger Scott Tips

Head Trader Roger Scott Shares How To Decide Where To Invest Your Money

In the business world, a quality opinion leader has three hallmarks: untainted integrity, enviable intelligence, and a track record of wins. All these are embodied by Roger Scott, the head trader at WealthPress.


With over 25 years of solid experience in trading corn futures, stock options, and now ETFs, Roger Scott, in this piece, passes an invaluable bit of information as he shares his wealth of experience on the topic of how to decide where to invest your money.


You see, when the purpose of a thing is not known, neglect is inevitable. So, alongside publicity of investment opportunities, WealthPress emphasizes the benefits of investments.


In no particular order, investing will help you stay ahead of inflation; meet your financial targets; achieve your early retirement dream; build durable wealth, and save on taxes.


Now that you know what you stand to gain when you invest, follow Roger Scott’s tips below on how to decide where to invest your money.


Learn the art of investment


Woven into the fabric of Roger Scott’s success and the entire team at WealthPress is a sound understanding of the art of investment. You are bound to make a poor decision regarding where to invest when you have insufficient mastery of investment fundamentals.


To make informed investment choices, you must understand how successful investors manage their economic reserves. You must also possess good financial analytics skills and be good at the technical analysis of stock price charts.


This will, in no small measure, aid your decision on where and even when to invest. Ready to learn about the investment? Visit WealthPress website to get you started.


Evaluate the returns on investment (ROI)


The distinguishing factor between saving and investing is that the latter enables you to increase wealth, although with risks. So, it is crucial that you carefully consider the return of investment percentages possible on each of your investment options and settle down for the one with the highest returns.


Another approach is to settle down with an investment option with a guaranteed return over the one whose return is hinged ultimately on market response. If you realize you cannot shoulder high risk, investment options with guaranteed returns will work best for you.


Connect with a brokerage firm


As a rookie investor trying to navigate the investment world, you must subscribe to a brokerage firm. These firms usually have practical tutorials and learners’ guides that can shine the light on your path as you journey through various investment hurdles.


Notably, these firms provide sophisticated portfolio management tools that will help you to minimize your risk and maximize your profit.   


Try to screen exaggerated deals thoroughly


As the head trader of an organization that holds dear the creed, which reads ‘Navigate the markets with integrity, intelligence, and pure winning trades,’ Roger Scott strongly recommends that in deciding where to invest your money, you should look out for red flags that point to fraudulent activities. The consequences of failing to do this are dire. It can land you in jail or bar you from investment trading for life.


When the yield from an investment seems too good to be true, always take a closer and thorough look at it before hopping in.