H3 Dynamics’ New Autonomous Drone Stations Launch to Monitor Large Solar Farms

H3 Dynamics has partnered with Sitemark, an AI-analytics specialist from Belgium, to launch a new robots as-a-service solution for autonomous farm monitoring.

The new partnership combines H3 Dynamics’ DBX drones-in-a box robots with Sitemark’s visual and thermal analytics to automate and scale remote monitoring in large solar farms. Sitemark’s solutions have been deployed by Total, Bouygues, EDF, Engie and Orix to inspect over 30,000 ha of solar PV parks in 35 countries.

Designed as the “eyes and ears” of solar farm owners and operators, the DBX robot (video) can be deployed permanently at solar farms to track solar farm construction progress, identify solar panel degradation and provide on-site security.

“The unique combination of Sitemark Fuse and H3 Dynamics’ DBX will change the way data is captured and processed throughout the entire lifecycle of solar power assets,” says Michiko Lloyd, CEO of Sitemark.

H3 Dynamics automates inspections in smart cities, precision agriculture and water infrastructure. The company recently announced DBX G7 as an agnostic drone in-a-box platform that can automate drones from any manufacturer and provide expert analytics from any developer.

“Our goal is to provide the world’s best data services from specialist vendors all over the world, available at any of our DBX installations globally” comments Taras Wankewycz, H3 Dynamics’ CEO.