Gripple Produces Overground Cable Routing System for the Solar Market

Gripple has launched its second product range aimed at increasing both build stage and O&M efficiency for solar EPCs, contractors and developers.

The CR-System range of overground cable routing devices is lightweight and strong. It can hold 1,170 6 mm2 cables and can be stacked to increase their capacity. Manufactured from polycarbonate, UV-stabilized, corrosion-resistant material, their installation causes much less disturbance to the environment than traditional methods and the free-air position can assist at design stage to de-rate and reduce the CSA on cabling used, providing further savings on project costs opposed to traditional trenching, as well as less fire safety issues, O&M rectification works and plant extensions. 

“We’re a team of problem solvers, engineers and manufacturing experts here at Gripple,” Dean Barlow, explains product manager. “We’re constantly developing new solutions in response to feedback from our clients around the world in different industries. Having already seen a great response to our solar anchoring and bracing systems for frame stability and bi-facial security solutions, we are excited about our new range of cable routing solutions, which is already getting positive feedback from EPCs globally.”

Gripple, a 100% employee-owned business, also offers solutions for construction, civil engineering and utilities, as well as landscaping and seismic bracing applications.