ForeFront Takes on Solar Energy Portfolio Installation at California Airport

ForeFront Power is a developer and asset manager of solar energy and storage projects. The County of Sonoma has partnered up with ForeFront Power to build a 963 kW portfolio at Charles M. Schulz County Airport in Santa Rosa. ForeFront Power has installed a solar canopy of 884 kW in the airport parking lot as well as a rooftop solar array with a power of 79 at the Fleet Building. This was the result of a five-year partnership with the county.

ForeFront Power analyzed the airport’s annual electrical consumption and designed a solar energy system to cover the airport’s electrical energy needs. They developed a solar parking canopy comprising 2,010 solar modules that generate enough renewable electricity to offset 100% of the airport’s annual electrical demand. PG&E’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) provision allows the airport to “bank” any excess energy produced by the system during periods of extended sunshine. These excess energy credits can be tapped by the airport at night, on cloudy days or whenever the daily electricity demand exceeds its solar energy system’s production.

“Anything we can do to move our community toward a regenerative future is a priority right now,” says Sonoma County 4th District Supervisor James Gore. “Our renewable energy portfolio is one part of Sonoma County’s ambitious sustainability plan to adapt and prepare our communities for climate change. We in Sonoma County are also proud to do our part in helping California and the U.S. reach their climate goals.”

“ForeFront Power is thrilled to see Sonoma County achieve another milestone in its sustainability strategy,” states Rachel McLaughlin, vice president of sales and marketing at ForeFront Power. “Even as Northern California has faced unprecedented climate challenges, communities are demonstrating their capacity for adaptation and resilience.”

ForeFront Power was selected by the county to finance, develop and construct the solar energy portfolio via a power purchase arrangement (PPA). The combined systems at the airport and fleet will produce over 1,495,500 kWh annually.