Follow These 4 Steps To Find The Best Local Solar Provider

You’ve made the smart decision to have a solar system installed on your roof, but you’re worried that with so many different installers to choose from, you might not be able to pick the best solar provider. 

Just as with the purchase of any significant investment, you should always do your best to find a reputable company to buy the product from, and when it comes to having a product installed, this can be just as important. To help you locate and sign up with the best local solar provider, here are a four steps to take:


1. Put together a list of local solar providers

Having the details of every available local solar provider will make it much easier for you to research them methodically, and to note down the different criteria for each one. While going local is often considered advisable, you can of course find a list of national providers that may be suitable, too, and in some instances, they may be able to offer you a better service. 


2.Research each provider

With your list in hand, go to each provider’s website in turn and compare the services that they offer. You’ll want to look closely at the type of warranties they offer, what is included in the price of installation, and what options there are for paying for your solar system (do they offer financing, for example). Some companies offer payment plans, will clean the panels annually, or simply have more experience when it comes to installing solar systems. 


3. Meticulously read customer reviews

A solar provider may have all the necessary certifications and experience to install systems, but this means nothing if they don’t have the ability to treat their customers well. See what customers are saying about them online, and if you want further proof that a review is genuine, you may be able to contact the customer directly. Generally, if a company isn’t reputable, this will quickly show up on online reviews on multiple sites, and you’ll be able to determine which companies get the thumbs up, and which don’t.


4. Ask for a quote

Once you’ve whittled your choices down to 4 or 5 companies based upon the research that you’ve carried out, call them or message them online to request a quote. In the majority of instances, companies will attend your home or business to check whether a solar system is viable, and it’s at this time that you can ask them any questions you might have about making the switch. When you have quotes from all of the providers in your final list for consideration, and have answers to all the questions you needed to ask, you can make an informed choice.


Never rush the decision to go solar, as even though it will ultimately save you money and give you access to clean, green energy, it’s still a big financial commitment. You should also take just as much care over your choice of solar provider, as you do over your decision to go solar.