Fengate, 42 Renewables Form Distributed Generation Development Partnership

Fengate Distributed Generation Partners was launched by Fengate Asset Management, which has formed a new partnership with 42 Renewables. The new platform focuses on acquiring, developing and constructing distributed generation (DG), solar, DG plus battery storage, and DG storage projects. The target market segments include community solar, municipal, school district, hospital, and commercial, as well as small-scale utility-scale projects.

Fengate’s development partner in Fengate Distributed Generation Partners is 42 Renewables, led by Ja Kao, most recently president and CEO of Onyx Renewable Partners, where she built a national DG solar platform. Kao is also a board member of the American Council on Renewable Energy.

“We are focused on building Fengate Distributed Generation Partners into a top 10 DG solar development company with a proven development team led by Ja,” says Greg Calhoun, managing director of infrastructure investments at Fengate. “The DG market is fragmented and growing, and we are excited to deliver on our targets.”

“We are thrilled to begin this new partnership with Fengate and look forward to creating a company that contributes meaningfully to the goal of building accessible clean energy for all stakeholders,” adds Kao.

Fengate is managing the partnership on behalf of the infrastructure investors.