EagleView Software Offers Solar Installation Designs During Contracting Process

EagleView has launched its new TrueDesign solar design solution, which leverages the company’s highly accurate aerial imagery and precise data to accelerate the sale-to-installation timeline for residential solar companies.

Many solar installers find themselves having to create two different designs in their standard workflow. This leads to operational inefficiencies and increases in costs. TrueDesign makes it easy to create panel-placement designs that are optimized for maximum energy output. This is done without the need for an outside site visit. The solar design solution can also remotely provide exterior measurements and shade analysis for every sale appointment. It is more precise than satellite-derived 3D models or publicly available LIDAR data, and more accurate that manual methods for roof size and shading analysis.

“TrueDesign revolutionizes the workflow for solar contractors, enabling more automated and virtual operations through a design tool that is accessible for nearly any skill level,” says Pete Cleveland, vice president of solar business for EagleView. “Our high-quality data underpins a new era of smooth, efficient sales, design and installation for the solar industry, ultimately resulting in happier customers who become ambassadors for solar in their communities.”

EagleView’s existing portfolio of high-resolution ortho and oblique imagery, derived from the company’s image capture and processing systems, is four times more detailed than standard aerial imagery and 70 times more detailed than standard satellite imagery.