Dunwoody College of Technology Introduces New Solar Engineering Program

Dunwoody College of Technology has launched its Power & Construction Engineering Technology program. The program provides an online bachelor’s completion degree option for electrical graduates looking to advance into positions as solar energy systems engineers, electrical construction or design engineers, senior project managers, estimators, or drafters.

Power & Construction Engineering Technology is a specialized electrical engineering degree that focuses on the built environment – from vertical and horizontal buildings to infrastructure, including utilities. The online program offers part-time and full time options for graduates with a degree in electrical design or electrical construction.

“At Dunwoody, we work closely alongside partners to understand the skills and training needed to fulfill the hiring pipeline ensuring that our students are the strongest candidates for the job,” states Polly Friendshuh, dean of construction sciences and building technology.

“Through extensive industry research, we identified a need for electrical and solar system engineers and are proud to offer the Power & Construction Engineering Technology program to current and future students,” Friendshuh adds. “Innovative pilot programs like this one help transform our learners into leaders and students into collaborators and creative problem solvers.”

Image by Jeremy Bezanger, Unsplash