DSD Completes Nine New York Community Solar Sites

DSD Renewables has completed the construction of a 9.8 MW community solar portfolio at nine sites. This is the largest municipal solar energy deployment in Westchester County. The portfolio will generate 8,100 MWh annually, which is more than twice the amount of solar energy in Westchester County. It will also be enough to power over 700 homes each year. The New York Power Authority (NYPA) was the city’s energy advisor for the project.

The portfolio includes canopy, roof, and ground-mount installation at four parking garages: Gillie Park, Ebersole Ice Rink and Gedney Way Recycling Facility. It also includes the Sanitation Complex’s Water Storage Site and Water Storage Site. The Recycling Facility and Shapham Place parking garage also had energy storage systems that totaled 1.76 MW/ 8 MWh.

“The city partnered with NYPA and DSD to create a successful 6.8 MW community solar portfolio that will not only benefit residents today, but future generations,” states White Plains Mayor Roach. “Public-private partnerships will drive the proliferation of clean-energy projects through New York State creating a robust renewable energy market. I am grateful to NYPA and DSD for their counsel and collaboration during this project.”

Residents and businesses in the city will be eligible for a 10% discount on their energy bills. The City of White Plains expects to receive approximately $1 million annually in savings on energy costs and lease payments to host the systems.

Many infrastructure improvements were made to the projects, including a new roof for Ebersole Ice Rink as well as an enclosed solar canopy storage area that houses the water department. Many canopies are equipped with a unique integrated water management system to manage water from rain and snowmelt.

At the Gedney Way Recycling Facility, DSD’s canopy team designed a floating foundation canopy mounted on a landfill cap. Sidewalls are also included in two canopy systems on the site to store and protect city equipment.

“We’re honored to be a part of a portfolio that has been so transformational for the City of White Plains,” says David Eisenbud, senior director of business development for DSD’s Origination group. “Our expertise and design capabilities have enabled us to overcome the challenges of delivering clean energy systems, with such significant energy capacity, to a dense urban area. This unique portfolio positions the city as a leader in solar adoption and shows other communities what is possible when it comes to clean energy.”

NYPA is acting energy advisor for this project. They provide oversight to ensure that it is well-structured, maximizes energy, economic and environmental benefits for White Plains. NYPA also assisted the city with the competitive bidding process to select a qualified vendor to complete the comprehensive city-wide project.

“The New York Power Authority is pleased to have played a key role in helping the City of White Plains create an expansive, unique portfolio of solar and storage systems that offer renewable energy to reduce the region’s carbon footprint,” adds Justin E. Driscoll, interim president and CEO of NYPA.

“As the commercial hub of Westchester County, White Plains is setting an example for other communities looking to develop alternative clean energy options. Hopefully other municipalities will follow suit and help our state further advance its bold climate action goals.” Perch Energy, which has enabled more than 8,100 community solar subscriptions and delivered millions in customer savings, will manage the community solar subscriptions.