Dominion Energy launches rooftop solar service in Virginia

BrightSuite, an Dominion Energy company has launched a Virginia-based rooftop solar program. The company also serves industrial and commercial customers (Courtesy of Dominion Energy).

Utilities have been criticised for preventing or delaying the uptake distributed energy resources like rooftop solar that could disrupt the century-old electricity distribution system.

Dominion Energy is now offering residential rooftop solar services to customers in Virginia.

BrightSuite, a Dominion Energy Company, has launched a complete-service rooftop solar program for Virginia. The company also provides services to industrial and commercial customers.

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BrightSuite will assess the feasibility and offer financing and appraisals.

According to a profile prepared by the Solar Energy Industries Association trade association, Virginia has 72 solar developers and installers.

Virginia had 3,790 MW installed solar capacity as of Q1 2022. The vast majority of this came from utility-scale projects.

Virginia passed the Clean Economy Act in 2020. This law requires that 100% electricity sales must come from clean sources by 2045.

The election of Republican Governor gave some Republicans the confidence to repeal the Clean Energy Law. Glenn Youngkin in Nov. 2021. The Virginia Senate rejected legislation to repeal the law in 2022.

Dominion Energy, an investor-owned utility serves around 7,000,000 customers in 13 states. According to the Clean Economy Act, Dominion Energy has committed to net-zero emissions in its power generation and gas infrastructure operations by 2020.