Ryan hoggan shares top nfts you should watch out for

Crypto Investor Ryan Hoggan Shares NFT Projects He’s Watching In 2022

There are millions of NFTs available for purchase, and it appears that hundreds of new projects are launched every single day by enthusiastic artists across various social media platforms.


There are presently over four million assets on OpenSea (the most popular NFT marketplace), with possibly millions more on other platforms such as Rarible, Foundation, SuperRare, NBA Top Shot, and more.


Given the vastness and ever-expanding nature of the NFT universe, it is only logical to assume that not all of these assets will appreciate in value. Thus, the question begging for an answer is: “How do you sort through all of the noise to find the most promising NFT projects to follow and possibly invest in?”


To answer this bugging question, we reached out to Ryan Hoggan, an experienced crypto trader, and blockchain expert, to know his views on NFTs and the promising ones he is watching in 2022.


After an insightful deliberation with Ryan Hoggan, we have come up with these NFT projects that are worthy of investing in.





For Ryan Hoggan, Silks is the overall best pick NFT project to purchase in 2022. Silks is a ground-breaking derivative gaming platform that will provide horse racing fans with an engaging play-to-earn (P2E) experience. It will let users to own, develop, and engage with a range of digital in-game NFT assets such as Silks horses, avatars, land, and stables, all while monetizing their in-game exploits.


Silks distinguishes itself from other metaverse platforms by simulating real-world events. This is done by leveraging real-world data on a horse’s genealogy, training progress, and racing results to ensure that the digital horses in Silks’ world are accurate representations of real thoroughbreds.





Another NFT project on Ryan Hoggan’s radar is the ZenCats. This appears to be the finest NFT to invest in for those interested in mindfulness, as it contains 5,712 NFTs with a variety of interesting avatars. NFTs for ZenCats can be obtained by purchasing digital card packs that contain one, two, or four random NFTs.


Each ZenCat NFT will be at a different stage in the mindfulness journey, with users having the ability to ‘evolve’ these NFTs to achieve higher stages. ZenMaster is the final stage, which is earned by staking and completing mindfulness-based tasks. NFT owners will gain access to bi-weekly reward drops, which may contain extra NFTs once ZenMaster is reached.


Ryan hoggan on top nfts




Decentraland is the next big NFT Project to look out for this year. It is a virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain that is created and controlled by its users, who may choose to enjoy and monetize the contents and applications.


Another advantage of this NFT Project is that it is designed for content providers, corporations, and individuals. It provides a platform for content providers to showcase their new artistic media. For those looking to invest in the metaverse, it offers a plethora of commercial prospects and serves as a source of entertainment. Its multiple utilities place it on Ryan Hoggan’s NFT watchlist for 2022.





Azuki is a project that consists of 10,000 avatars that grant you entry to “The Garden.” Its characters and partnerships are used for streetwear collaborations, more NFT drops, and maybe live events. They call themselves “online skaters” since they skate between the actual and digital world. It is a promising NFT project worthy of investment.