Claresholm Project Begins Operations with Astronergy Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic (PV) module brand company Astronergy has delivered over 180 MW DC ASTRO series PV panels for Canada’s Claresholm Solar farm, which started daily operations of electricity power generation. Claresholm Solar was created by Obton, a Danish investment firm involved in the development of wind and solar power projects, and Capstone Infrastructure.

This Alberta farm has 1,280 acres of agricultural land and invested C$200 million ($162.76 millions). It also planned to install 132 MW AC. Since 2020, 455,758 Astronergy panels have been shipped from China to Canada to be installed in fixed-tilt racks.

“I’d like to highlight Astronergy as the supplier and manufacturer of Claresholm Solar’s bi-facial panels, which are the most advanced technology available in the market,” says David Eva, CEO of Capstone Infrastructure. “And I’d like to emphasize the significant increase in generation capacity and efficiency of the panels supplied by Astronergy for the project. Our experience working with Astronergy on Claresholm Solar gave us a high level of confidence in terms of quality and ability to deliver, which is why the company has been selected for two more solar projects currently in development – Kneehill and Michichi.”

The Astronergy panels used in the Claresholm Solar Project are the ASTRO Series reinforced bifacial module with double-tempered glass (front and back 2.5 mm tempered, and 2.5 mm semitempered). This type is enhanced with an encapsulation structure, strengthened frame, and is specifically designed for severe hail (45mm, 30.7m/s), which can be found in unfriendly environments with high reliability requirements. The module has passed severe Damp & Heat 2000 hours and Thermal Cycle 600 and PID 300 tests, which were verified and approved by CSA certificate-C450 and PVEL certificate-PQP.

“We are pleased to join this project to build the largest solar PV farm so far in Canada states Samuel Zhang, vice president of Astronergy’s global sales and marketing. “We set up a special sales team to follow up the entire process including communications, production, quality control, shipment, installation and etc. We had very good cooperation experience with Capstone Infrastructure.”