Catalyst’s Ecommerce Dashboard Helps Commercial/Industrial Companies Personalize Clean Energy Solutions

Catalyst Power Holdings LLC – an integrated provider for cleaner energy solutions for both the industrial and commercial sector – is launching its ecommerce dashboard for industrial and commercial energy management. The new dashboard uses a proprietary technology platform that allows businesses and energy professionals to select from a variety of cleaner energy options, including custom-priced, connected microgrids, community solar, and custom-priced energy services. Additionally, companies have the option to access financing for onsite solar options.

Catalyst Power offers cleaner energy options that enable companies to lower energy costs, increase revenue streams, meet sustainability goals, and maintain energy resilience. Catalyst Power now offers a direct to consumer online option that allows customers the freedom to choose and review options at their own pace.

“Businesses have more energy choices and options than ever before,” says Gabriel Phillips, CEO of Catalyst Power Holdings. “Choice creates opportunities to save money, lock in cost certainty, deliver on ESG goals, and think creatively. Our dashboard helps businesses to understand their options and make better decisions. The commercial and industrial markets for energy have been underserved too long. They are an important part of the economy that deserves access to all the benefits of cheaper, cleaner energy – we’re here to help them.”