Canadian Solar Taps into Wood Mackenzie’s Lens Renewables Data Program

Wood Mackenzie, a Verisk company, welcomes Canadian Solar to its Lens decision intelligence platform. This platform delivers live data across all industries in every global economy.

The platform enables companies to quickly value, model, optimize, and model energy assets, portfolios, companies, and companies. Integration of renewable and conventional power sources in a single interface, drawing from Wood Mackenzie’s commercial intelligence on the world’s natural resources sector, transforms how Lens Power customers drive investment strategy decisions and ignite growth plans.

“Battery storage capacity and hybrid solar-storage are on steep growth trajectories, as organizations look to capture the energy produced from renewable technologies to meet peak demand for electricity,” states Joe Levesque, co-president for Wood Mackenzie. “Canadian Solar is an important development partner for us, as it is in a unique and specialized position as a solar PV manufacturer and a large-scale solar and energy storage project developer. The insights its team will provide will further support our delivery of key data in what is an increasingly high activity segment, at a time of significant pressure in others.”

“Energy storage technology will be a critical enabler of the solar PV market going forward,” says Dr. Shawn Qu, chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar. “Understanding the hybrid solar-storage project economics will give us a growth advantage to develop cost-effective, end-to-end integrated dispatchable solar energy solutions.”

Lens Power provides a comprehensive, 30-year view on global power markets supply and demand. It also includes high-fidelity geospatial data, including solar irradiance, transmission infrastructure, and cost forecasts. Lens Power will offer insight into greenfield site selection, asset optimization, and historical nodal congestion data. Among Lens initiatives is Wood Mackenzie’s collaboration with early adopters to design a power solution that provides a holistic understanding of what is happening in the world of energy, allowing organizations to improve profitability and minimize risk.