Borrego builds 15 solar+storage projects for AES

Borrego Solar installation site at 0 South Main Street Freetown, located at 76 S Main Street Assonet (MA). — 11.7 MW PV + 4.8 MWh / 26.3 kWh ES. Photo by Greg M. Cooper / Borrego Solar

Borrego completed 15 projects totaling 96MW of solar and 50MW/169MWh of energy storage. These were for AES Corporation in Massachusetts, New York.

Borrego’s largest storage portfolio has been built for one customer.

The size of the solar-plus-storage system ranges from 1.6 MW up to 12 MW (solar) to 910 KW/1.7MWh to 9MW/17MWh (storage).

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The portfolio, when fully interconnected, will collectively produce enough clean electricity each year to power approximately 10,885 homes, and offset 82.659 metric tons climate-warming carbon dioxide emission.

These are the first DC-coupled, solar-plus storage installations of engineering, procurement and construction firm (EPC).

“Being an early adopter of energy storage and solar-plus-storage technologies has not been without its challenges, but the completion of the AES portfolio has made it all worthwhile,” said John duPont, vice president of solutions at Borrego. 

The projects can participate in the Solar Massachusetts renewable target program and receive the NY Value of Distributed Energie Resource tariff through the coupled solar+storage system. The projects will also be able to participate in wholesale markets.

Together, the DC-coupled storage systems can produce up to 30% more energy output for the same interconnection fee as a standalone project.

Borrego announced in June that it had spun-off and sold its energy storage and solar development business to better focus on its EPC mission.

ECP, an investment firm in energy transition, will assume Borrego’s development and staff business. The project pipeline includes over 8.4GW of solar and 6.4GW/25GWh of energy storage.

Borrego currently manages the performance for 1.4GW and over 1000 solar operating assets.