Andersen, Ubiquitous Develop Solar Windows, Doors with UE Power Tech

Andersen Corp., a window and door manufacturer, and Ubiquitous Energy, a transparent solar technology company, are working together to develop energy-generating windows and doors for residential and light commercial buildings. The products will leverage Ubiquitous Energy’s UE Power technology, a patented and visibly transparent photovoltaic glass coating that harnesses solar power to generate electricity, while remaining almost indistinguishable from traditional windows.

“By combining Andersen’s expertise in crafting innovative window and door products that deliver quality, design aesthetic and energy efficiency with the unique properties of UE Power technology, our vision is to develop products that go beyond energy efficiency to energy generation,” says Brandon Berg, senior vice president, research, development and innovation at Andersen Corp. “This is a powerful opportunity to leverage our industry leadership, product development expertise and manufacturing capabilities to help bring innovative new products to the marketplace that will improve the homeowner experience and make the world a better place.”

The companies began their relationship with an investment from Andersen in Ubiquitous Energy’s Series B financing in 2021. Ubiquitous Energy continues to raise funding to accelerate commercialization efforts. Funding is also being sought for a U.S. manufacturing facility that will supply the first transparent sunroof and door units to Andersen, as well as other partners and customers.

“We are excited to continue to deepen our relationship with Andersen to together create the first UE Power window and door products for residential and light commercial buildings,” comments Susan Stone, CEO of Ubiquitous Energy. “Our companies have a shared goal of changing the way the world uses solar power and positively impacting the environment in a big way without compromising aesthetics or function.”