AlphaESS, Maxeon Collaborate on Integrated Solar+Storage Solution

AlphaESS and Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd. have formed a global strategic partnership in order to provide integrated clean energy solutions for residential customers. The partnership combines AlphaESS’ power conversion and storage solutions and next-generation technology services with Maxeon’s solar panel technology and global go-to-market channel comprising a partner network of more than 1,400 installers and resellers in over 100 countries.

The partnership leverages both company’s skills in product design, technology development, quality control, supply chain and customer experience. The goal is to deliver integrated solutions and innovative services to empower end-customers with smart and environmentally friendly energy solutions. This will allow them to be energy independent and promote a healthy lifestyle.

“Maxeon is moving ‘Beyond the Panel’ to introduce an ecosystem of clean energy products and services into our residential segment that will seamlessly work with our industry-leading solar panels,” says Jeff Waters, CEO at Maxeon Solar Technologies. “We are excited to leverage AlphaESS’ leadership across its hardware product portfolios and investment into next-generation energy software capabilities enabling also the SunPower One ecosystem. AlphaESS’ product flexibility, ease of installation and overall performance, together with its enhanced service capabilities, will improve the customer experience and simplify the adoption of clean energy solutions.

“AlphaESS has extensive experience in the solar storage industry and Maxeon is a leader in solar panel technology with the only 40-year warrantied panel on the market. It is a known innovator in panel reliability, performance, sustainability and overall value,” comments Dipl. Phys Alfred Wang, AlphaESS’ CEO. “Energy storage is indispensable to make the best use of the renewable energy, to realize the carbon neutrality, and for energy independence as well. Together, working with Maxeon as one team, we expect to unlock the full potential of the industry and place our clients on the best path for success, creating an unmatched customer experience and greater savings.”