AES Chooses Fluence’s Market Optimization Software to Maximize Solar Ventures

Fluence and The AES Corp. have signed an agreement to use the AI-powered Fluence IQBidding Application to maximize value of a 1.1 GW portfolio in solar and energy storage projects throughout the Western United States. The software will maximize the revenue earned from solar and battery assets by participating in wholesale markets.

Fluence IQ Bidding App recommends bidding into daily and hourly auctions of energy and grid services. Advanced forecasting is used to anticipate opportunities and take advantage of favorable pricing.

“We are proud to support AES in maximizing the value of their clean energy assets with our automated bidding software,” says Seyed Madaeni, Fluence’s SVP and chief digital officer. “Storage, solar, and wind owners and operators around the world trust Fluence IQ to manage the complexities of electricity market participation. Our software supports more than 6 GW of operating or contracted assets worldwide. Our software-as-a-service model enables us to rapidly integrate with customers’ assets, scale across geographies and technology types, and ensure superior performance as markets change.”

Fluence is an AI-enabled bid optimization program for grid-scale storage systems and renewable generation assets. Fluence’s data scientists, market experts and software engineers apply machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to the challenges of optimization in energy markets, designing tools that enable customers to articulate bidding strategies and balance operational considerations.

“At AES, we are focused on accelerating a carbon-free energy future and helping our customers achieve their clean energy commitments,” states Leo Moreno, AES Clean Energy’s president. “The Fluence IQ Bidding Application will allow us to best meet our customers’ needs with innovative solutions by optimizing assets in real time based on market price forecasts. By implementing and utilizing cutting-edge automated bidding software for our projects, we will be able to improve grid reliability and efficiency while also supporting our customers’ green energy transitions in a safe and reliable way.”

Fluence IQ Bidding Applications are available in two markets: The California Independent System Operator market (CAISO) and the Australian National Electricity Market. The platform is currently used to optimize approximately 20% all grid-scale solar and wind energy assets bidding into NEM. Customers of Bidding Application can increase their revenue in these markets by up to 40% to 50% for battery storage and 10% for standalone renewable energie assets.