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Tips on Maximizing Solar Power and get better return:

1. Solar panel must be placed in area that do not have shawdows. A small tree branch or bamboo shawdow parallel to the width will cause 30% reduce of the solar power produce from the panel. Shawdow parallel to the length will have 10% energy reduction.

2. Maximize the usage of the solar power in the afternoon. There is a 10% lost of power during the process of charging the batteries and discharge to use on the equipment. Direct usage of the power in the afternoon is better than stored the power in the batteries and use at night.

3. Use the 12V DC power saving lamp. There is a 10% power lost at the inverter converting 12V DC to 220V AC. DC power saving lamp is 3 times power saving compared to the AC light. A DC 15W light is equivalent to AC 45W light.

4. Let the battery fully charge once in every 3 weeks to maximise the battery life.


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