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Solar Panels Thailand

Distributor price at USD0.52 ex-factory China for 12V 150W poly cell panel, MOQ 74pcs (1 pallet). See more offer at cheap solar panels

As Thailand’s energy demand is projected to rise over the next decade, the country increasingly turns to the development of renewable energy sources, such as solar power.

All in all, the capacity will be increased to 51.5 megawatts, bringing the Thai company’s total capacity to 70 megawatts. This also brings Thailand closer to achieving the targets of its 10-year Alternative Energy Development Plan. Investment in renewable energy is one of the country’s priorities, given its goal to reduce its energy imports. The Thai Board of Investment estimated that national energy demand will rise by 39 per cent over the next nine years. Its current aim is to achieve 25 per cent energy generation from renewable sources by 2022. This means that solar energy production in the country would need to reach a 2,000-megawatt capacity.

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