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MANILA, Philippines - Retail giant SM Prime Holdings Inc. is building the largest  commercial solar rooftop in the Philippines as part of its  commitment to use clean, renewable and sustainable energy in  its operations. 

SM Prime president Hans T. Sy said a 1.5-megawatt (1,500  kilowatt) solar rooftop is currently being built at the SM  City North Edsa which will be used to power up a significant  portion of the mall’s energy requirements. 

The solar rooftop project, the largest of its kind on a  commercial establishment in the country, will be operational  by October this year and make SM City North Edsa the largest  solar-powered mall in the world.  It will be built by Solar Philippines, led by its president  Leandro L. Leviste, the same company behind the other  largest commercial solar rooftop installations in the  country.  

In use, solar energy produces no emissions. One megawatt  hour of solar electricity offsets about one ton of carbon  dioxide. Solar plants also produce electricity during peak  hours when the grid supply is tight preventing power  blackouts. 

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