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Solar Panels Myanmar

Distributor price at USD0.52 ex-factory China for 12V 150W poly cell panel, MOQ 74pcs (1 pallet). See more offer at cheap solar panels

Myanmar is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and a youthful workforce, but with many of its people living in extreme poverty, the newly opening economy is attracting the interest of investors and aid workers alike. In the middle of the fastest growing region in the world, East Asia, Myanmar holds great promise as the next big market.

Most of Myanmar is in a greenfield condition, with no legacy of fossil power generation — or any power generation — to work against or replace. Also, no one expects the central grid to expand into remote areas for at least a decade, if not longer. Flexible, decentralized community-based renewable energy systems like solar are therefore the best way to power the countryside. Solar lamps and water pumps are part of the equation, as is micro-hydro in the mountains and biomass gasifiers and charcoal makers in the rice belt and even tidal power along the coasts.

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