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The Indonesian government is planning to develop 36 new solar plants across the country this year, according to local media. A higher budget has also been allocated for solar development.

Director of renewable energy and energy conservation at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Alihudin Sitompul, has stated that the Indonesian government was planning on increasing the number of solar plants in the country to 153 this year. With the 36 new solar plants that are in the pipeline for 2013, this goal can be achieved. This was reported by local newspaper.

Sitompul apparently added that the federal government and its provincial counterparts have set aside Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) 1 trillion (US$103 million) for solar development this year. This will be a significant increase from last year's IDR 700 billion budget.

Indonesia is blessed with natural resources and more than 90% of the energy comes from conventional sources.